Day 100: stomach bug?

It was a weird day physically speaking. I woke up a bit tired which is normal after a long run day. I did some yoga for runners and ready to have breakfast already 7:30am (usually I don’t feel hungry until 8 or 9).

Then two hours later I was hungry again, or I thought I was, so I ate another breakfast. The cycle continued like this for the rest of the day. I also had headache that was pretty bad.

Then I went to bed pretty early 8:30pm and felt asleep right away, again normal for long run days. But I woke up at 9:30pm with stomach pain that was pretty bad. So bad that I couldn’t go back to sleep, crunched over and not sure what to do. I asked husband to bring me some medicine for stomach. Took some, very small relief. And then started to go to bathroom every hour for bowel movement until 5am the next day.

Not sure what I ate bad since we had a normal lunch, with many vegetable dishes. And for dinner I had stir fry noodles with vegetables. Nothing out of ordinary.


3 thoughts on “Day 100: stomach bug?

  1. Noo … stomach bugs are awful. Hopefully it was a 24 hour bug and you are back to feeling good again! I would recommend sticking to a very bland diet for a while to give your stomach time to recover! 😀


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