Day 101: chronic of diagnosis adventure

It was an eventful day. First I had a telemedicine consultation at 8am in which I shared my symptoms (strong stomach pain and hourly bowel movements). After 15 min chat where she asked few more things, she concluded that what happened is probably stomach flu, that I ate something that didn’t agree with my body so my body was trying to flush it out. what I needed to do is take a lot of fluid, and a pill to manage the pain (something to relax my stomach muscles).

By then I was tired from lack of sleep so I went to room trying to rest while my husband went to get the pill. I took the pill, toss it around for another and the pain came back more strongly. So, I said, I need to go to the ER as this is not improving.

30 min later we were at ER triage area. Due to COVID, the whole set up was different. We were outside of ER building, they first screen for potential COVID symptom. When they heard that I had frequent bowel movement, that checked at COVID symptom, so I had to wait outside on open air to be seen by the doctor. Note that it was probably 38C and without ventilation. After 1 hr I was still waiting together with other potentially COVID patients, distant though. I was sweating and super uncomfortable and the pain. I told husband that let’s go, I don’t want to wait longer. Just at that moment the doctor came, asked my symptoms, and 1 minute later decided that I need blood, urine and ECG test. I said what? Never mind and we left the ER.

I asked our HR if there’s any other clinic that can see me quickly and fortunately there’s one close to home and ready to see me at 2pm. Such a relief. We had a quick lunch at home and went to the clinic.

This is a high end personalised clinic. When we entered, I felt like we are in a beauty salon. So chic, clean and boutique. I didn’t have to wait at all, got to see the doctor 5 min I entered. He listened to my symptoms and check my tummy. His diagnosis was hyper acidity. When he said it I actually remembered that I had this before, never as bad as this time but I had experienced similar symptoms. So he gave me a two weeks treatment to control stomach acidity, and the same pill to control the stomach pain.

When i got home at 3pm, the pain actually subsided a bit and I managed to sleep for an hour before my 4pm meeting. I was still feeling weak and mild pain but was strong enough to actually cook dinner for the family.

I wonder what caused my hyper acidity. Common causes include coffee/tea, lengthy fasting period, and stress. Hard to tell which one for sure but I might just take them on all to start, and see how it goes.

The whole experienced made me realize:

  • being privilege to go any health care facility is great! Obviously this boutique place is not affordable to many but so much better than general hospital (although that was a private one too).
  • health is so important. Nothing really matters when one feels sick.
  • stress is the invisible culprit for so many things. I know i’ve been very busy at work. I don’t consciously feel stressed but I just might be.
  • the definition of being healthy is personal. My mom told me that I’m approaching 40, which means I need to slowdown, do less physical activity to take care of myself. Obviously this comes from care and love so I didn’t argue with her. But I feel stronger now than I was in my 20s precisely because I take care of myself by eating plant based food, exercise daily, listen to my body, spend time with my family, and build strong connection with people around me. The connection between physical and mental wellbeing is interconnected, so it’s important to take care of both.

What a long post for a sick day. As you can see, I reflect on everything and everything that happens is a lesson. 🙂

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