Day 102: fully recovered?

I woke up after 9 hrs of solid sleep. I felt strong, I felt refreshed and I felt I was back to myself after a day being wasted. I run 7 miles feeling great. Took a bath and had a super productive day workwise. didn’t take any break until lunch time.

Lunch (cleaning out the fridge type): shrimp with cucumber, broccoli with tofu, mustard greens, zayote with carrot and bell pepper, served with brown/red rice.

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After I finished work I took Sofia to office (2 blocks away) to pick new book delivery from amazon. Sofia goes book faster than I do, so I feel I’m constantly buying books for her.

I also got two new books, recommended in podcasts that I listened, and I read the preview in kindle and got very intrigued. One is from Mo, host of a great podcast Slo Mo, such a wise man, each episode is super insightful and takes my mind to a different level, and makes me feel a bit wiser. And the other is the new book by Dr Greger, healthy diet guru. I love and trust him because he’s super evidence based and makes podcast and writes nutritionfact based on serious research findings, not the propaganda type nor anecdotal. I went through 50 pages and learned quite a few things already.


How do you eat watermelon? I also prefer to eat it as a bowl.


Everything went well during the until before bed time. i felt something in my stomach, borderline between the burning sensation from hunger and that stomach pain I had the night before. I wasn’t sure, decided to have a cup of chocolate almond milk and went to bed. Unfortunately the pain woke me up at 11pm, probably as strong as the night before. I took one pill (buscopan), waited 45 min, not getting better. Drink some ginger water, helping 20%, then took another pill and remember I had those heating pads, so I heated it in the microwave and put it on my stomach. Eventually the pain subsided either because of the heat or the pill finally working.

Things that might have caused a return of pain:

– I didn’t take the pill to manage the pain as prescribed 3 times a day because I was feeling good.

– I had chocolate milk, chocolate is not good as it has caffeine, a trigger for hyper acidity.

Oh well… expect a gradual recovery instead of call it early victory.

One thought on “Day 102: fully recovered?

  1. Ooh, I will have to check out that podcast! That’s the kind of thing I enjoy. Also, the book looks really interesting too. Adding to my list! I hope you continue to feel better…I can’t believe you ran 7 miles after feeling so yucky this week! Don’t forget to take it easy šŸ™‚ My younger son Asher read a bunch of books from that series that Sofia has there back when he was younger too. I remember he liked them a lot! Always was bringing them home from the school library. šŸ™‚


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