Day 105: happy day and favourite links

It was a great Saturday. No pain, 5 miles run, leisure morning, a great meal, and catching up with my BFF.

So glad that maybe the medicine is taking effect to control my gastritis or ulcer as I slept 9 solid hours pain free and woke up with 80% of energy back. SLEEP is really the #1 determinant of my energy level. I went for a run without having a target in mind but did 5 miles to go easy on me and walk another mile. Felt great afterwards.

While Sofia had her mandarin and piano lessons, I made a batch of waffles for next week. Each batch is different as I simply throw whatever I had on hand and sounds good. This one had: roasted pumpkin puree, flaxmeal, eggs, brown sugar, almond milk, oat flour, corn flour, and all purpose flour, baking powder and pinch of salt. Lizzy was my company while I made these.


For lunch I made a japanese soba noodle bowl for me and husband, and udon noodles for the girls. Sofia tried it and said… this is exactly like the one they had at japanese restaurant! hahaha… this girl doesn’t know how to make mama happy!

This bowl had seaweed, noki mushroom, bean sprout, vegan sausage, and green onion as topping. YUM! Definitely making it again

Fullsizeoutput 12cb4

Sofia had a 4 hrs playdate in the afternoon. These girls do know how to entertain themselves. I took some rest, read, and did 30 min yoga.


then we went out for a walk around the pool. Lizzy was so funny with this bunny hat.


Favorite links lately:

Which stage of relationship are you?

A fun reading type quiz. I’m a discover.

Fun and interesting podcast from favs author and podcaster.

I totally let the girls find their way to entertain themselves.

SOOOO happy to learn this news about Normal People.

Super interesting episode about the link between rising inequality and rising debt. A bit nerdy for economist.

Is telemedicine to stay? I tried it over the last few days and I definitely see it can expand going forward. Convenient for everyone.

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