Day 104: Be patient

The impatient side of me really want to get an answer of my condition, and find the solution so I can feel myself again, like running in this path. I had another telemedicine call this morning. The doctor listened to my symptoms and basically said: give the anti-acid medicine few more days and if it doesn’t improve, get an abdominal ultrasound to check for gallbladder. OMG! I don’t think I have that. So I guess I need to wait for few days for the medicine to run its course. Meanwhile manage the pain and avoid irritants.

I woke up feeling weak, mild pain, didn’t run nor yoga (which tells a lot how I felt). The mild pain (2/10) lasted until around 2pm, then the pain level just kept climbing up. By 4pm I was close to 5pm. A colleague of mine was kind enough to find me a local GI doctor that do telemedicine, so I had another consultation, this time with a GI doctor. He seems to know better about my condition, after few minutes he said it’s unlikely to be GERD, more like gastritis or ulcer. Fortunately the treatment for these are the same as the medicine I was given, but suggests I double the dosis, and gave me another anti-acid OTC that should help better with the pain than buscopan. He also said that the medicine usually takes 5-7 days to treat this, so give it few more days to see whether it gets improved. If by Sunday I’m still having a lot of pain, then I should get blood urine tested and have an abdominal ultrasound done to further examine.

After the talk, I felt for the first reassured and more hopeful. I just needed few more days of rest and do nothing I guess. Probably the last 100+ days of high stress finally caught me up. And this is my body’s way to give me TIME OUT! 

While I wasn’t still almost pain free I had lunch with Sofia. Course 1: toast with mashed avocado with humus and tofu. Doesn’t look so good but it was quite tasty. 

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course 2 with vegetables

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Sofia had vegetables with leftover radish cakes

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Then just few bites of watermelon until I went to bed at 8pm, with a heating pad to relieve the pain. Fortunately I didn’t wake up and slept until past 5am. 

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