Day 106: don’t worry mom

I was about to start a venting post and then I saw this post from Kae and reminded me that I should not be absorbed by small set backs which is part of life, but rather focus on the big picture on things that I have and truly grateful.

Mini summary: we are helper-less again. Long story short, while she has been the best one we had in the last three years, she’s not willing to live with us as she feels lonely, and prefers to commute daily, which given the rising cases in Manila, I don’t feel comfortable. So I had to let her know and try to find another one. Meanwhile we are helper free, which gives me anxiety and up since 3am. But, I know it will be sorted out sooner or later.

Things I am truly grateful:

  • Two days stomach pain free. After two days of double doses, I think I’ll cut back to normal doses and see how I do.
  • My lovely girls. When I feel down, I look at their pictures and reminds me how lucky I am to have two healthy girls who always ready to cheer me up. Lizzy loves to give me hugs and kisses just because while Sofia loves to read with me. We are reading how to be a person and it’s pretty fun.
  • Have a job that I’m passionate about, where I feel appreciate by my colleagues, clients, bosses, and sense of worth in this society. Plus it provides us with a comfortable life.
  • My friends. They are always there for me when I need it no matter how far they are and how long we haven’t talked.
  • Having hobbies that relax me, like running, cooking, yoga, reading. So when i know I need a boost, I find my way.
  • Supportive husband. We are living this expat life exploring the world because my husband was willing to quit his job when he was doing very well. When he came to Manila he had zero prospect to find a job here and he was fine. I know many of my colleagues spouses, especially husbands, were not willing to do that, which limited their options and career prospects. He is also supportive of most of decisions I make regarding kids education, house errands, etc. Sometimes I wish he’s more proactive and can help me think and plan, but being a planner myself, it’s actually good that he just supports and follows.

One thought on “Day 106: don’t worry mom

  1. Awww, I’m glad that my post could be of some inspiration!! I know it’s so hard when we’re frustrated. I’m always working on controlling my reactions and trying to change my own perspective too.

    It’s too bad your helper didn’t work it, but just give it some time and I’m sure another option will appear. I love your gratitude list!!!!


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