Day 107: self-evaluation and feedback

Starting the day with a grateful list really set the mindset to a new direction for the day! I should do it more often šŸ™‚

It is the end of my organisation’s fiscal year (June 30) so I’ve been giving feedback to colleagues and receiving feedbacks (written). Yesterday I had to do my end of year self evaluation which is a good way to reflect what were my biggest contributions/achievements this year. I did so many things but the purpose of the exercise is to think 3 more important ones. I chose 3 that are related to impact and influence. In work, my mantra is to do work that is impactful, to policymakers, to people in the country, and to people around me. Wisdom words from my mentor: the two ingredients for such results, show your honestly and that you care… the technical part is given.

Once I was done with self evaluation, I read all the feedbacks I’ve got so far, and it was such a self-worth booster. It was so nice to hear what my colleagues/boss think of my work and how I interact with clients and colleagues. I know I do what I do because I believe in it, but assurance from others really play a big factor to reinforce good behaviour and to inspire me to do better. The one that made me laugh was : xx is super xxxx, and also fun to hang out with. hahahahha…… glad to know that.

Happy to report that my stomach is still well, no pain for three full days. Yesterday I tried something new, cabbage juice, which has proven to have to heal stomach ulcer. I only had purple one. Unfortunately my juicer didn’t take much juice out of it so I added some ginger tea. The taste was quite gross but it was pretty.

and used the pulp to make a oatmeal for dinner mixed with tofu and fungus, so a savory oatmeal which was delicious. I will definitely make it more. Oatmeal (savory or sweet) = comfort.

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quite a busy day but managed to cook lunch thanks to husband doing all the prep work. Potato with egg (girls’ favorite new dish), watercrest, broccoli, okra with tofu carrot and fungus.


Day 1 of helper-less house was not too bad. Girls did initial tidy up, I finished it, husband did laundry, I folded them when i finished work while prepping dinner, husband cleaned the floor, and girls set the table during meal times. Let’s see how well we do, I’m interviewing another one tomorrow.

Before bed fun!


One thought on “Day 107: self-evaluation and feedback

  1. Ugh I really don’t like doing self- evals… I find them so awkward!! I also really don’t like having to review coworkers, either. Even when they are anonymous, if I have anything sort of negative to say I’m always worried the person will somehow know it was me. hahaha! The whole process just is never fun to me. Although it is nice to read nice comments about yourself from other employees. That does make you feel good!!


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