Day 128: new tutor

I found a new tutor for the girls and they absolutely love her!!!  The story is the following: given that we are not moving to China and need to stay put in Manila for upcoming months including home schooling 100% of the time if needed. I’ve been avidly looking for tutor for the girls, not just to entertain them, but also to learn some eventually, especially with Lizzy. After months of “workbook” Lizzy still cannot master 1-20 which left me and husband very frustrated. So I asked around who can recommend a tutor good with kids. And I found one. We tried one class with Sofia for spanish (yes! this young girl lived in Chile so she’s fluent in Spanish), and one class with Lizzy (for numbers).

I didn’t have any worry with Sofia because she’s very adaptable and friendly to new people/setting, so the class went very well and she liked it. Yesterday Lizzy had her first class. At first she didn’t even want to have it and was tearing to me to sit with her. I was in a call so couldn’t but asked Sofia to be on her side during the class. Husband and I were anxious and frequently checked on her. At first, she was totally silence and reluctant to do what the teacher asked her. Sofia was encouraging her. But by the last 10 min of the class, she was alone with the iPad, listening and interacting with the teacher. When it ended, she said she wanted to have another class tomorrow! 😀  Such a relief!!!

So, we will have 3 class of 1 hour for Lizzy per week and 2 classes for Sofia. 🙂 I feel an accomplished mom already to be helping with their learning, but the truth is that I need some focus time to work! hahaha

Busy day at work, 4 calls with short break in between but I still made a good lunch. Bibimbap spread

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Gratitude: I am really glad that the new teacher is working well with the girls. Sofia gets to learn spanish in a structured way while Lizzy learned to have fun learning.

One thought on “Day 128: new tutor

  1. That’s awesome!! I wish in a way that we had something like that. I just don’t have time or energy really to put into figuring out too much educational stuff for the boys this summer. I wish I could find some kind of computer program that they could just sit down and work through a daily lesson of math, english, social studies, etc. There are many computer programs out there but most seem to require my help to figure out what to do or which lesson to do that day…. Just would love to find something I didn’t need to be involved as much with!! I just got a couple new workbooks for the rest of the summer- nothing fancy or too difficult, but at least they can just open it up to the day’s lesson and get going on their own.


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