Day 129: favorite links

Favorites lately:

Very hard to read for parents.

Totally feeling it, work life balance?

Avoiding mid-life crisis.

Digital detox vs. mindfulness

I’m approaching 40 in few months, will do this list too.

Why do we get from books?

Rotating list to make.

New favorite podcasts: Gratitude Diary, How’s work


Lunch spread: tons of veggies and a steam fish

Fullsizeoutput 12e37

Gratitude: watching a new entertaining series about women in mid-30s. Nice to watch it with the husband and make comments about it.

One thought on “Day 129: favorite links

  1. Look like some great links! Thanks for sharing. I don’t have time to sit and read them all now but am bookmarking for this weekend or maybe Friday night. Especially interested in the one about mindfulness vs digital detox. Glad to see you are still enjoying the Gratitude Diaries. I am too!


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