Day 130: not taking in the bad news

We have confirmed cases in our building, like 20 or so. They have been isolated but still. This is getting real. But for mysterious reasons I am not really taking in the news because what else can we do? what is under our control? We are already not going out much. We don’t ride elevator with anyone else. We wash our hands when we get home and wear masks when going out. So this news doesn’t really change much of our life except knowing that things are getting worse.

The rationale part of me tries to convince me that I should freak out. The emotional part of me is ignoring it, which is good because freaking out adds zero value.

130 days later being in lockdown, we’ve adjusted to this life style already. Not ideal, not what I’d choose if I could, but it’s not too bad either.

Our new helper is finally getting used to what to do at home, and less episodes of me getting mad at her.

Girls are used to the new flow of our day: morning is for “work”, afternoon is reading and fun. Both girls are loving their tutors, which is such a relief! 🙂

I am doing only what’s essential for work, a big lesson from the book, and not worry about everything else. I take breaks whenever I feel like and not feeling guilty about it. I tune in webinars only those that I am curious about. I declined those that adds less value.

to end this rambling. My gratitude for the day is really having this life. I am grateful for have worked hard on things that mattered to me, which allowed me to work hard now only on things that I care.

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