Day 132: never give up & my favorite food list

Few months ago amid the pandemic and stay at home for indefinite time, I bought some crafting projects for the girls and myself. I haven’t done crafting for ages because “such a waste of time”. I was so wrong. The act of monotonous action, doing something actively but not having to focus on it, it’s an invitation to inner peace/talk if one needs/wants, it’s also instant calming action for racing mind.

When Sofia and I started, we were super excited since the girls just visited Paris last year and have good memories of Eiffel Tower. But then somehow we all abandoned it for few weeks. Husband said: you will never finish it!

Then I started doing it with Sofia every weekend and we progressed very fast. When it’s clear that we will eventually finish it, Sofia spent the whole 2 hrs of quiet time in the afternoon on the floor to do it. And finally we finished it yesterday!!!

Big lesson: you persist, you conquer.

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I also finished the book and reunited with my long-time beloved KABOCHA. This was my comfort food for over a decade ago. I would have a bowl of kabocha every night to comfort my soul. But when we moved to Manila, there’s nowhere to find it unless last week. I saw an ads for online vegetable delivery that features it in their ads and I immediately order 5 to try and they are fantastic!!!!!!!! I think I need to order a dozen more before they run out!

My favourite food that I would be happy to eat for the rest of my life everyday

  • kabocha
  • corn
  • oatmeal
  • dark chocolate
  • almond butter

Food that I like to eat in a regular basis

  • roasted vegetables (caramelised preferably)
  • baked/pan fried tofu
  • avocado toast on ezekiel bread with all bagel seasoning
  • savoury oatmeal
  • pad thai
  • watermelon

As I write them down, I can that I’m truly WEIRD! hahaha….

What food would you be happy to eat every day for the rest of your life?

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Gratitude: sharing hobby with Sofia. She’s in the age of wanting to do everything with me and I am enjoying it. I hope we can share hobbies when she gets older too.

One thought on “Day 132: never give up & my favorite food list

  1. omg that is called kabocha? been eating that my entire life and didn’t even realize it… (i know the chinese word, but always thought it was a PUMPKIN hahaha)


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