Day 138: a kind gesture

We had a record high number yesterday, 4000 cases confirmed in one day!!! I don’t know what to think about it anymore. Whatever the government is doing is not working and knowing very well how they function, I’m not hopeful things will get back anytime soon. Husband and I discussed where could we go? nowhere seems workable but we better have an exit plan if things get too crazy here.

I had good 3 hrs deep focus time and finished a long-due hard task. It was delayed because the team members delayed in sending their inputs and I almost got inpatient with them. When I told them that what they sent was actually very good and I managed to finished editing it, one of the team member wrote me a private note acknowledging the heavy lifting that the other team member did for this project, despite being very sick he kept working hard! It was such a thoughtful note and I thanked her for bringing it to my attention. I really appreciate people being honest, giving credit where credit is due, and confident enough to praise others. It was also just a nice and kind gesture, it made me smile.

Sofia and I did some real yoga after my morning walk. It was a hard 15 min yoga workout and she almost kept it all the time and wanted to do it again 🙂


Husband also had some deep focus time and finished the 1000 piece puzzle. I want to go to Santorini as soon as we can!!! I’m sure the family will love it as much as I did when i visited it 9 years ago.

another veggie heavy lunch. I wonder how many lbs of veggie do we eat per month… I might track it next month just for fun! 😀

Fullsizeoutput 12ebb

I made a bowl for the girls with rice and veggies, topped with a fried egg. That’s their concept of bibimbap

Fullsizeoutput 12ebd

Saturday plan:

  • cook something fun
  • finish photo album for Europe trip
  • pool time (if no thunderstorm)
  • start a new crafting project

Gratitude: I’m glad that our new helper while not very efficient is learning slowly how to do things, and tolerant of my impatience (for incompetence). Yesterday after I paid her, she hesitantly told me she wanted to go home this weekend to give salary to the husband to pay their utilities. I said covid cases is really really bad in where she lives and I can’t risk her to go back. If she needs to send money to the family, I can ask the driver to take it there. She agreed. I’m grateful that she’s flexible and understanding.

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