Day 137: declutter feels good

Yesterday I spent few hours decluttering girls’ room. Every few months I go through their drawers and organise their toys, throw those that they’ve outgrown, and sorted out their books (overflowing the entire house) and workbooks. At first the task seemed overwhelming, but I did it in breaks and by the end of the day, their rooms look clean and mess-free. I will probably go through their clothes this weekend too as I find the exercise therapeutic, as by declutter physical things also help to declutter mentally.

Found frozen raspberries for the first time in Manila and use it as topping for my morning oatmeal. I think they add more aesthetic value than palate wise 🙂

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Lunch: steamed tail fish, greens, green bean, broccoli, and chinese scallion empanadas


Husband spent most of his day to do the puzzle… I think he has so much more patient than me and good that he’s entertained 🙂


Gratitude: grateful to have an old friend who takes my matter as her own. I have some financial issues to deal with, and she’s asking ALL her contacts to find a solution for me as this is her urgent task. hahaha….. good to have friends all around the world, not many but enough to feel grateful to have them in my life.

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