Day 136: one sentence thoughts

Being mindful takes practice and it gets easier every day.

It takes me 8 min to eat breakfast without distraction.

Need to get physical copy of this book after I finish it in audiobook.

I am VERY worried about my work friend’s father who’s in critical condition (due to covid).

Husband and I connect well watching movie/show.

I get so hunger mid-afternoon after a good run (7 miles).

Best way to use up brown banana = baked oatmeal with banana to fuel hangry runner.

It takes me close to 100 pages to get into this book.

Sofia is starting her Chinese math class for 2nd grader (she’s not native speaker and she just finished 1st grade) and not intimated by the challenge (learning new materials in a foreign language).

I just ordered new snacks from China for the family, something to look forward during quarantine time.

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Gratitude: I feel joy during the few minutes at night when I brush my teeth and floss, clean my face, put basic skin care, and cream to my feet without any distraction. Before the start of mindfulness practice, I’d put music/podcast/youtube even in those few minutes. Not because I don’t want to waste time but because I find doing these boring. But now without distraction, I focus on the steps and they are calming to the extend that brings me instant joy.

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