Day 135: practice of mindfulness

Yesterday I focused on single-tasking.

  • I ate without phone or book
  • I read news line by line
  • I cooked without music/podcast
  • I watched a show without phone and stopped when I got bored
  • I managed to read 45+ min

I realised that single-tasking doesn’t equal being mindful or present but it’s a necessary condition for it to happen. Few times Imy mind started to wander something else instead of focusing what I was doing, then i recalled it back to the present moment.

I felt rested, calm, and didn’t yell anybody at home. hahaha… I take this is a good practice.

Kae said that often time we have a good day followed by a bad day, and that’s normal. I agree. What I realised that we often don’t reflect much when we have a good day, what made it good so we should continue that. Our Sunday was fantastic not because of the activities we did, but because all of us were un-distracted, we were present to the moments!

Moral of the story: multi-tasking is overrated and it ruins mindfulness.

Yesterday after Sofia finished her chinese lesson (virtually), we went to the mall to buy new flip flops for the girls. The mall was nearly empty which was perfect. They each got a pair that costed 2 dollars but made them so happy!!! 😀

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Gratitude: I started to realise that this quarantine time I am so much more reflective because of slowness of our daily lives. In normal times, I feel always rushing to the next task. I am grateful for the opportunity to slowdown, reflect, and grow to become a better person, mom and wife.

4 thoughts on “Day 135: practice of mindfulness

  1. Love this! I’m so bad at this. I’ll admit it’s hard for me. A constant work in progress. I find myself always itching to do something else at the same time, too…like you said with watching TV/ phone or cooking/ podcast. I used to go for walks in the early mornings with no music and no podcasts and really enjoyed that. But now I usually walk with my husband a little later and I don’t really have time to go twice… I’ve been thinking about adding more afternoon walks in (short) by myself as a break and doing just that, JUST walking and looking around.

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    1. i would take more walks during the day if weather permitting and not feeling too guilty about it! 🙂 It’s really a great way to reflect and calm our mind.


  2. So so true, Coco. I think my biggest weakness is that I am ALWAYS multi-tasking. I have made it a priority to spend an hour each evening disconnected from my phone and I go out for a walk and just enjoy the fresh air! I am not looking forward to when we are back to Winter here in Minnesota!
    On a side note … where in the world did you find sandals for $2? I don’t think I’ve seen sandals that cheap EVER here in the USA!


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