Day 134: not centered and irritated

We had a perfect Sunday and I thought I was ready to tackle the rush of Monday. Well… not so much. I didn’t have a lot of tasks but by the end of the day I was irritated and not sure why. Retrospectively, I think part of the reason was that I was multi-tasking. For example: when I was watching a webinar, I was browsing news/social media which left me exhausted. it was only yesterday that I realised that this happens often and I almost always get the same result. So I think I need to make some small changes:

  • if I tune in a meeting/webinar by choice, I’ll only listen to it. If I get bored, I’ll leave.
  • have soothing music when I need to focus. It annoyed background noise when i need to focus and when you work surrounded by kids, this is unavoidable, so maybe I need to artificially create some blank state of mind.
  • have an unwinding activity/ritual at the end of the day that I look forward. Maybe a walk by the neighbourhood with the girls (without music/podcast).

let’s see if I can accomplish this. This post reminded me of being present and grounded.

Lunch was simple was i went to do groceries before lunch. Veggie stir-fry with glass noodle and vegan sausage, leftover baked radish and sweet potato, egg scramble and tomato, cucumber salad, and black rice.

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Gratitude: I am grateful to have morning quiet time. Those few hours are critical for me to find the zen state, to be present and grounded.

One thought on “Day 134: not centered and irritated

  1. Isn’t that always the way?!?! Whenever I have a really good day, it seems the next one is pretty mediocre. Or if I have a really bad day, usually the next one is pretty decent! Maybe this just means we shouldn’t worry too much about HOWEVER our days are or put too much empahsis – good or bad. Because as we have all learned, this too shall pass. The good will pass, the bad will pass. 🙂 And then it all starts over again tomorrow. 😉 I do think it’s worth reflecting on our days somewhat though, and thinking about WHAT made it good or bad, like you said, in order to make some adjustments. Maybe the multitasking needs to go. Maybe more planning should happen on Sunday in order to have good Mondays. Or whatever. Hope today is going better!


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