Day 158: growth mindset

It was an uneven day. I spent the morning reading this new book that made me laugh loud few times. It’s not deep (or maybe I’m not old enough to appreciate it), it’s about the real raw side of ageing, I didn’t like all the chapters but did enjoy the chapters on bags and parenting.

Then  from 1 to 7pm I worked non-stop. Have you ever opened the document with RED edits everywhere and 100 comments on the side in each page? Well… that’s what I got yesterday. The funny thing was I didn’t get mad nor annoyed, I didn’t over think it, just dived in to addressed them one by one (with the help of my team for things that I could delegate). By 7pm, I was 2/3 done, looked over comments/edits of the rest of 1/3, and declared that I was done for the day and went to spent an hour with my girls.

Then I reflected. 2 years ago or even 1 year ago if I receive so many comments/edits, I’d be pissed at the person as I’d perceive it as criticism (for the sake of making a point that I’m not good). But this time, something changed. Maybe because it’s from my new boss so I didn’t have any preconception of him, or because now I have a growth mindset and take comments/edits as constructive suggestions to improve my work. I think it was also because most of the comments made sense to me when thinking about it objectively. So I took them on, firmly believing that those 6 hours spent elevated my work to the next level, instead of thinking those 6 hours were spent just to please my boss.

I found my change of attitude toward feedback interesting and learned that it’s all about perspective, if I have a growth mindset, I can take feedback positively and use it to my advantage.

Let me end with one lines that made me laugh

Anything you think is wrong with your body at the age of thirty-five you will be nostalgic for at the age of forty-five. 

E9c HFfRR06LaWQYz1appQ

Gratitude: I am grateful that we got 13 few fishes!!! It was a mission impossible to buy new fishes during this quarantine, and we were desperately needing them as another fish died yesterday. i told hubby that he must be too lonely in the fish tank so we need to get some company ASAP. Finally hubby found someone in FB that could deliver, so now we have new companies. Girls love sitting in front of the fish tank just to observe.

One thought on “Day 158: growth mindset

  1. Good for you for being able to take constructive criticism. I think this is a major problem in our world today! So many people just automatically jump on the defensive. I know it’s easy to do and I’m sure I do it too. But I do try to pause and look on the other side of things more often than not, or see what I can learn. (Maybe not always immediately, but eventually!)


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