Day 159: fun facts of the day

Sharing few fun facts yesterday

1.Sofia’s new painting at the door. I saw it when I stepped out in the morning for my run and put a smile to my face

2. How to polish a document ready for circulation? Search BSP across the doc and make sure everywhere it starts with “the”. 

I’ve never been a detailed oriented person but few years ago when I worked a “difficult” colleague, one thing that I did learned from her was to pay attention to details. Even when I don’t think they matter to say about the quality of my work because  I thinkthe quality relies on the substance, details DO matter to show character. If you have a sloppy doc, with bad grammar, missing commas or different font size/style, it gives the message that you are not careful, thus not reliable. I know 99% of the that’s not true but if someone who doesn’t know you read your doc for the first time, that would be the first “virtual” impression. So nowadays, I spent tremendous amount of time re-read the doc for 1000 times just to make sure it’s tidy. Yesterday I spent few hours on that.

3. I made fish and tofu nuggets for the first time, super simple but they turn out great! Lizzy loved the fish nugget and husband asked for more tofu nuggets. OMG! Even my in-law won’t believe this.


4. Found a funny self-absorbing video of Lizzy in my phone. :lol

Fullsizeoutput 13062

5. Timeshop showed this pic of Sofia 5 years ago, in our house in VA that has a big bathtub and Sofia was getting ready for “pool” time.

IMG 6312

6. I had a idea of a virtual “happy hours” with few girlfriends. I proposed it, it happened, but it was not as I had in mind. well…. idea doesn’t always translate in reality!

7. 150 pages in of this new book and I’m hooked! I closed the book the moment it just got interesting because I wanted my mind to imagine/conjecture what will happen! Isn’t that the best part of fiction book?

8. I felt asleep 7:55pm last night.

Gratitude: I am grateful for a book that takes me out of my world. We can’t have real adventures now but books give me some mental/virtual adventures.

2 thoughts on “Day 159: fun facts of the day

  1. I absolutely LOVE tofu nuggets. I have found that I can make them better at home than I can buy at the grocery store because I get to choose what is in the recipe!
    I am glad you’re enjoying Where the Crawdad’s Sing – I really enjoyed that book as well.
    Hope you got my email!


  2. I am also a big believer in watching out for the details. I’ll admit, I am turned off by professional communication that is either sloppy or has errors. I generally proof-read and double and triple check even emails or messages that I send in any kind of “official” capacity (for work, or even just emailing my kids’ teacher, coach, etc.). It’s kind of a pet peeve of mine so I try to avoid it! I also agree that first impressions are unfortunately so important. I try to keep an open mind but am also guilty of sometimes forming an instant opinion of someone and I can have a really hard time changing it later!!


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