Day 182: Mondays

It seems no matter how prepared we are mentally and physically to start the week, Monday always fly by with a blink. Maybe because it injected a mental load the moment I opened my inbox (now that I don’t check emails on weekends), or because weekends seem ages away, or because there are always annoying people that bring negativity, or because runger (runner + hunger) strikes hard unexpectedly.

I started with my day with meditation, 20 min yoga flow, and a walk. All good. Then I had to stay in with the girls while husband stepped out for something, so I ended up leaving for office at 9:30am instead of 8am. (A BIT ANNOYED)

Once in office, i felt calm and ready to tackle my inbox, and entered to a flow of deep work around 11am. Then my hunger started to disturb me. I had an early lunch and continued with work until 2:30pm.

Once I got home, my hunger striked again, and I ate ate ate ate. It’s funny that I don’t always get the Monday (after long run) hunger pan, but when it hits, it hits hard. I knew it was physical but still I was annoyed to have to be interrupted to eat every hour.

I declared shutdown complete by 5pm. Made dinner for the family, ate and went out for an evening walk with the girls, which was the highlight of my day. They have the ability to find fun in everything, like going down a ramp could be an adventure, like being in Disneyland. That put a big smile on me, and reminds me to walk more often with them. They are a source of wisdom for simple joys.

When we came home, I started a new book while Sofia did some mandarin homework.

Just before I fell asleep, husband came to give me a good night kiss before he goes to watch a soccer game.

At the end, it was a good day šŸ˜€

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