Day 197: satisfiser vs. maximiser

A few weeks ago I listened to the No Stupid Question podcast (love it!) and the hosts discussed whether they are satisfiser (someone who would be content with a certain level of completeness/perfection) or maximiser (someone who will always seek for the highest standard). I thought about it and realised that when I was younger, I was more like a maximiser. I wanted to do the best I could in everything I did. Obviously that’s not possible and if that’s the standard, often time I would feel defeated or disappointed.

Now, I think I am more satisfier (to a minimum standard) in many areas of life.

I’d be satisfied if I tackle only things in my day-to-do list, and not all things I need to do.

I’d be satisfied if I get to read 20 min during lunch break instead of 2 hrs leisure reading.

I’d be satisfied if I get to chat few minutes with friends instead of a 2 hrs lunch date.

I’d be satisfied if I can meditate 5 min instead of full 20 min.

I’d be satisfied if I can squeeze 10 min of yoga in a 9 hrs working day.

I’d be satisfied if I could answer 90% of questions from journalists with my best response.

i’d be satisfied checking an important report 1 time before sending out instead of 3 throughout read.

I’d be satisfied if I can cook a decent dinner instead of a full meal with the family.

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I’d like to maximise my time spent with my girls when they are still little.

I’d like to maximise my chance to pass on my “wisdom” of life when they still listen to me.

I’d like to maximise our Sundays of family time, thus no playdate nor scheduled meetings.

I’d like to maximise my morning quiet hours doing things that make me happy before starting the day.

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I’d like to maximise still having a cute/chubby “baby” at home.


On a happy note. We are planning a getaway during October school break and I’m SUPER excited!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 197: satisfiser vs. maximiser

  1. Very profound post! I can tell you really thought about those different areas. I’ll have to give some thought to my own life and see which things fit into which side. Exciting news about your trip! Keep us posted on where you’re going…. 🙂 P.S. I pulled your blog up last night on my phone to read your post and my mom was sitting near me (they are here visiting), so I showed my mom the first pic, of your girls…she said, “oh my goodness, are they CUTE!!!” 🙂


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