Day 196: Monday intention

Monday is a big contract to the slow and relaxing Sunday. When it’s night time I usually feel that my day and mind passed by me or my anxiety level is at the top. So yesterday I set up the intention to make it less dramatic. While I had many big and difficult tasks on hand, I made sure my key elements for a good day were prioritised. These include:

  • meditation in the early morning (5 min)
  • morning yoga (20 min)
  • morning walk (45 min)
  • 30 min walk with Sofia after dinner (30min)
  • reading before bed (60 min)
  • Finish my journal entry (5 min)

Total: 165 min.

Sounds a lot? Maybe, but I still managed to work 10 intense hours and finished my day calm and centered. So those 165 min made the difference.

Sharing Sofia’s last week review entry. I hope she keeps this habit for years to come.

Ve h25qlSNaYwUX4neNATQ

while I was reading… Lizzy did a heart card for everyone in the family. Does every girl love making hearts? Both Sofia and Lizzy love drawing hearts like ALL the time! I prefer to think they are full of love and has so much more to share.

One thought on “Day 196: Monday intention

  1. I know what you mean about asking yourself “is this too much personal time”?? There are days I feel like I don’t get enough, but then other days when I really look at how much time I spent either reading, writing, journaling, exercising, walking, etc….I think, Wow maybe I’m spending TOO much time on personal care?! No wonder I don’t have time for XYZ. Haha!!! It is good though to prioritize it for sure.


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