Day 195: can we have another Sunday?

That was our conclusion Sunday evening. As we walked back from a short trip to buy a journal with a lock with Sofia, we both sigh… well.. sunday is ending, I wish we have another day of these. I take it as a sign that we had another great Sunday!

A HAPPY Sunday always involve some cooking. I made fluffy banana pancakes with oatmeal flour and WW flour for the family for next week

Fullsizeoutput 1329a

Sofia was doing homework so Lizzy decided to make me company in the kitchen.


She’s really into drawing self-portrait these days


the benefit of accompanying mama? get the first to try the fresh made pancake


Before lunch of party leftovers, we played UNO as a family… something we wanted to do for weeks… Lizzy was first observer

but then demanded to join us. Her little hand barely can fit all the cards

GOsklXCHRuO 8MoO5jsV3A

A lot of laugh later… we had lunch. Then the girls went to their rooms for quiet time while hubby and I continued the series.

Sofia had piano theory from 3-4pm, after that we went to buy a journal with a lock. I think she sees me using the journal to record tasks, highlights, and wanted to do herself.

then it was family movie night. We watched Someone Feeds Phil Cape Town episodes. Lizzy being the baby….


and finally we both did journal and I tried to read some, but I went to bed at 8pm and fell asleep right after.


Following a wonderful Sunday an hectic Monday that usually leaves me exhausted is about to happen? Or can I avoid it by being more mindful? Let’s hope I succeed today.

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