Day 198: trip(S)!!!

TRIPS are planned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am jumping as I type this! I just clicked the buttons on flights and can’t believe it!

We will be visiting Boracay in October during school break for 6 nights! Boracay is the #1 beach place for the country. We visited it last year with my mom and another family and had fabulous time. It’s the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been, so we are super excited that Boracay will be opened today October 1 receiving domestic travelers from all places and all ages. Husband hasn’t been there so super thrilled for the diving adventures he will do.

We are a very risk averse family but I think we’ve reached to a tipping point that we are going to jump to it and not letting COVID determining our decisions ALL the time. Obviously I’m also concerned but so far I am confident that we can make through it safely. Boracay has been opened for tourism since June , just not from the capital city where we live, and it has remained COVID free all these months. Also, both the hotel and the airlines require passengers to get tested within 48 hrs prior to get on flight. The flight is relatively short (1hr 20 min) so we can put all the protective gears, not drink and eat for that period. Once in the hotel which is a big resort, I think social distancing will be enforced or we can enforce it. The resort is right at the beach so we don’t even need to go to the pool.

We had explored another option with another family to go somewhere local, driving distance. But after a lot of consideration I decided for Boracay. Our first trip after 6 months of lockdown MUST be good! Also, I’m not sure going to a mediocre place and live with another family that i’m not too familiar with. Kids will have a blast, adults not so sure. Hotels are better as it allows us to spend time with friends while also keeping some privacy. Another colleague friend might join us at Boracay, and i like her family!

Our second trip planned during Christmas is a long time in the making. It’s El Nido, named as 3rd best beach in the world, and 1st in Asia! I’ve been saving it for our last year in the Philippines, and here we are already. So when I heard they are operating at 50% capacity due to COVID, I called them immediately to book. Unfortunately they are already full for the October break so I booked for Christmas. This is going to be the most luxurious resort we’ve been so far. It’s in an idyllic tropical paradise setting, full board meals and activities, and chartered flights. I’m beyond excited that we will spend Christmas and my birthday (yes, my birthday is on 12/25) in the most beautiful place in the country.

Obviously they are expensive trips but I’m so happy that we can even go there in the COVID era. Spending in experiences is what I work hard for. Maybe we could save couple thousands and go to a cheaper place but the experience won’t be the same. I am 100% certain that looking back in 5 years, I will be so proud of making these trips possible and zero regret on how much I spent on them.

I’m SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY AND EXCITED!~~~~~~ just like the girls doing yoga last night

One thought on “Day 198: trip(S)!!!

  1. Yay!!! This is so exciting. I’m really happy for you. Traveling is so wonderful- probably the planning and “getting excited” part is maybe even the best part in some ways! With all travel halted for so long now, I’m sure it feels amazing to have something to look forward to- and soon!! Can’t wait to see pics and hear all about it.


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