Day 209: choose the moment

It was a rainy Sunday, not heavy rain but constant. We saw sun light only few minutes but it was a perfect day to stay in for a cozy family day.

We did the usual: morning run and cycling with Sofia, crafting while Sofia practiced piano and did homework, then followed by lego sets. She’s very patient with big sets now… I get a headache when I see 50+ steps but she enjoys them a lot. Lizzy on the other hand it’s too young to follow the steps, she’d rather do creative lego which is great too.

We had a visitor in the morning to borrow yeast and the lady brought her two kids, tentatively checking if a playdate was possible. I kindly declined because Sunday is family day and I want to enjoy my time with the girls more than ever! Maybe we don’t actively do things together but I enjoy their company and occasional hugs and kids just because. Now that I come to think about, especially after finishing the book, every Sunday we have together as a nuclear family doing ordinary things is another day to form part of our family memory, one page closer to the end of the chapter. So why would I send my kids for play dates? Let me be selfish when I still can.

I made a new recipe for the family: orange chicken which they loved (I couldn’t stand the smell of chicken but that matters the least), and glad to have leftovers for lunches.

Thumbnail IMG 0075

We played UNO after lunch and it’s fun to see how excited girls are, especially Lizzy is learning to play it. During quiet time, Sofia played lego, Lizzy napped, I napped, while husband went for a walk under the rain.

Once everyone was back to the studio (girls called it family room!), I was looking for a good documentary to watch for the family movie night, while Sofia continued with her lego set. Then I heard a scream, Lizzy pulled off a centre piece of Sofia’s lego. Both girls were pissed, even some tears. I was frustrated that they “ruin” our harmony so I sent them to their respective rooms. With my frustration, I asked husband to watch a movie with me (subtitle: comfort me). But he was busy with his thing so I left even more frustrated. I went back to my book. As I read, I realised I could decide to declare for everyone in the house a ruin Sunday evening, or I can choose to let it go and get everyone back to our exciting family movie night.

I dried my few tears and decided to not let my emotions to be on our my family’s way to enjoy the Sunday.  I got the girls from their rooms, both of them calmed by then, and we watched “the short game“, a documentary about kids golf tournament. It was a perfect movie to watch for the family, kids, golf, and togetherness.

The best days, sometimes, are the days when nothing happen to ripple the calm surface of life. No big surprise, no great ups and downs, no regrets, Instead, time to notice what is. –Katrina

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