Day 216: hour by hour on a Perfect Sunday

Inspired by Sarah, I want to record our perfect Sunday and what made it perfect

4AM: I got up. Husband was also awake but he stayed behind. Morning routine followed (read, write blog, meditate, took out breakfast elements for the family)

5:40AM: head out for 12.5miles run. It was pouring and all dark but I didn’t care. I had a small bowl of oatmeal with almond butter and grab a energy bar when stepping out.

7:10AM: rain gone so decided to get back and take Sofia out for biking (our Sunday tradition). She was ready when I got home. I changed my outfit as it was soaked by rain and sweat, put more water, ate my bar and head out again.

8AM: got home. right into shower and bath for 30 min with cold water.

9AM: breakfast time (big bowl of oatmeal as usual).

9:30-12PM: Journal planning for the upcoming week while Sofia did homework. I also continued my crafting project (determined to finish in October). Lizzy switching between drawing, lego, running around. I put on spotify, why I never did that? it was so nice to listen to music together.

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12:40PM: lunch came quickly as the girls had leftover pizza while the adults had sweet sour veggie with tofu from this recipe book. Oh… I’m starting a challenge to make every recipe of a cookbook. We had it with brown rice.


1:30PM: nap time for mama. The long run (ended up doing 13miles) under the rain exhausted me.

2:40PM: got up finding the girls still playing lego in the room. So I reminded Lizzy to take her nap. Sofia had piano theory lesson at 3.

3PM: I read few chapters of this book, first spanish book in years.

4:30PM: more crafting and lego time. Sofia started a new set that looks very complicated. She asked for help few times to daddy and mommy who failed to help. “Lego is about perseverance” Sofia said and so right. At the end she figured out all by herself.

6PM: dinner time, quesadilla with hash brown and cheese. YUM.

6:30PM: family movie time. We watched Someone Feeds Phil Souel episode. Girls had cereal for snack and I had another bowl of oatmeal (trying to avoid after-long-run hunger the next time). Someone got into my arms inadvertently


7:30PM: reading time

8PM: girls sleep time. I read a bit more, journal, and did 20 min bed time yoga to stretch and unwind.

9PM: zzzzz

What made it perfect?

  • start the day with sweat, with Sofia part of it
  • hours pent with the girls, attending their questions and free flowing conversations
  • reading time
  • a nap
  • simple but yummy food. I should call oatmeal as soul food πŸ™‚
  • family movie time

One thought on “Day 216: hour by hour on a Perfect Sunday

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! I got behind on commenting on blogs this weekend and I didn’t even post on my own blog for a few days…I was trying to convert my site and it sort of took up all of my energy! πŸ™‚ When do you leave for your trip? Tomorrow I think? The 20th?? Bet you can’t wait!!!! I’m jealous!!


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