Day 217: another drama of our upcoming trip

After a perfect Sunday, I started Monday with a zen feeling. Still a bit exhausted from the long run but  20 min yoga first thing in the morning made me feel much better, followed by 45 min walk outdoor. I arrived the office just before 8am, started to plan my day in the journal. Just when I finished listing MUST to tasks, a message from the family that was going to Boracay with us. They received an email from Cebu about flight cancellation. I immediately checked my email and didn’t get any. I thought maybe we were lucky and still kept our seats. Then I checked on the website and indeed our outbound flight has been cancelled.

I WAS FURIOUS! This was the 2 time they cancelled our flight. I didn’t even trying to rebook, I simply canceled the reservation and requests for remind (which will probably take 6 months!).

Next step: book another flight from Philippine Airline, I knew they have flight on Friday and Sundays. The price for Friday is almost a third of Sunday’s, so I was inclined to leave two days earlier than originally planned (Sunday Oct 25) and extend our stay in Boracay. I’d rather be spending the same amount of $$ in Boracay than paying for a higher fare. I called husband and he agreed. FLIGHT re-BOOKED.

Next on the list: extend our stay at the hotel. Being a 5 star hotel, the customer service is really excellent. Whenever I call, there’s always a real person who I can talk to. I told her that we’d like to extend our stay. 10 min later, a new reservation was sent to me. HOTEL BOOKED.

Next is to re-schedule our swab test. Originally scheduled on Oct 22, now we need to move it to Oct 20 (tomorrow). Also, I was informed that EVERYONE needs to get tested, not just 7 years old and above which was the original guideline. So I needed to book for Lizzy too. I called the hospital, I called, emailed and texted to the person I was in contact with. I think I drove him crazy to get reschedule and include a 4 years old to our appointment. Our original plan was to do a drive through, but since 4 years old needs to be swabbed by a doctor, we will do a walk-in instead altogether. I got the confirmation of the rescheduled test around 4pm, imagine how anxious I was. Being a risk averse person, I’ve managed to book somewhere else in case this reservation cannot be amended. COVID-test BOOKED.

Wooo!!!!! that was a stressful way to start the week, especially not work related. But never crossed my mind to cancel the trip (which is what’s the other family decided to do). The girls are so excited and counting the days until the trip everyday, I can’t imagine telling them we won’t ravel. So I’ll do everything I can to make it happen. 🙂

Leaving on Friday instead of Sunday also meant we need to start packing right away given that I will finish a major task only Thursday 10pm. When I got home, I told the girls that we are leaving earlier than planned. They got SUPER EXCITED and Lizzy said, I want to prepare for it right now. I said wonderful, why don’t you follow this list and start putting your things in the luggage.  😀 Nice to have little helpers (finally I don’t need to pack for the entire family).

Once all settled I got back to tackle my to-do list and managed to finish them all by 7pm. Exhausted but I know when we arrive and face this view, it will be all worth it. 🙂

One thought on “Day 217: another drama of our upcoming trip

  1. Ugh sorry it’s been so complicated. I guess it makes sense that the airlines have to keep cancelling flights, with so few people flying these days, but it’s still super frustrating. I’m glad you got it worked out! Good luck packing. That’s my least favorite part…. deciding what to take!! 🙂


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