Day 218: covid swab experience

Yesterday was a busy day. I had 2 meetings and a business forum where I was one of the three guest speakers all before noon. Glad that I had the script prepared and rehearsed, and put a blazer to look “professional” instead of a usual t-shirt and jean short look in the office. 🙂


After that, we were ready to experience the COVID swab test. I had prepared in the morning kids cloth, mask, face shields before I left home. Husband was in charge of getting them ready. It was a short ride to the hospital but I was nervous. After so many drama during the trip preparation process, my mind was attentive of something unexpected/wrong to happen. When we arrived, the outpatient department was packed! I started to panic! Oh no, I don’t want to be spending hours in a place with everyone waiting to get tested, especially with the girls. Fortunately, I had it arranged and the person who rescheduled me delivered what he promised, he endorsed us to get priority and we didn’t have to wait. I found the person who was going to help us, and she quickly gave us forms to fill, followed by a stupid interview of a nurse to go through the filled forms. All this time, we saw at least 50 people waiting outside with their numbers in hand waiting to be called. When the nurse was done “interviewing us”, we were escorted to the testing room. 2 min later, we were out. Lizzy cried a bit as the nose picking was indeed uncomfortable. Because she has tiny nose, she bleed a bit.

Now, into waiting for the result within 48 hrs, finger crossed no more surprises.

Overall, the experience was good, the entire process was less than 45 min. But I can imagine if we had to go through the normal process, it would take at least 3-4 hours. So maybe our luck is turning?

Next in the task list: start packing! I made the packing list for each of us and print it out. FUN! I don’t mind packing as it signals we are going for an adventure soon, but I don’t like unpacking (dirty clothes, messiness, end of vacation).

2 more days to go until vacation!!!

One thought on “Day 218: covid swab experience

  1. Fingers crossed everything is smooth sailing from here on out! I’m sure it will be. I’m glad you were able to get in and out quickly! Waiting around with a bunch of other (potentially sick!) people doesn’t sound fun. Where we live, we have these drive in testing centers which are kind of nice. I took Asher once last spring, and we didn’t have to leave the car! We just pulled up and the testing workers came and did the test as we sat in the car (through the rolled down window).


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