Day 215: back to golf and a weird movie

I had a restorative sleep and woke up fully recharged. After 3 miles jog with Sofia, I was in great mood. Then I thought, maybe I should get back to golf TODAY. I started to golf as a gift to husband last year’s birthday and consistently played for 3 months before COVID hit. I wouldn’t say I love the sport but the more I played, the more I found its charm. The biggest motivation to play remains to share a hobbie with husband, and my hidden agenda of getting Sofia back to play eventually.


It was weird to play with a mask on, but it didn’t bother me. It was a perfect day for golf in early morning, no sun and light breeze. I was glad I had the mask on as I was smiling because of how husband was “teaching” me. He’s not usually a patient nor positive teacher, but more than once I told him if he’s negative I’d stop playing. So he was trying very hard to be patient, not correct me when I’m doing things wrong, but praising me when I’m doing right. I was laughing inside me of how much effort he was putting into it, which I really appreciate. It was a good reminder of how we like to be taught in general, by positive reinforcement rather than criticism. I think most of the time when the teacher critiques it’s out of frustration than really wanting the student to learn. Need to keep this in mind before I say anything to the girls. 🙂


At home, Sofia was preparing for piano lesson while Lizzy was attending her ice cream shop.


some pool time was a must. I should make it a tradition for weekends, family pool time. Mommy reads, daddy plays with the girls.


After lunch, the girls had a zoom call with Sofia’s friend. It was funny when I told the mom of the girl that we wanted a zoom playdate instead of real playdate. It was because we will get PCR tested next week for our upcoming beach trip, so we want to minimise any risks. Zoom was good fun enough for the girls.

Meanwhile, husband and I watched “I am thinking of ending things“. Husband wanted to watch it because he read a review saying that after watching 3 times, it’s still hard to understand it.

We got the same feeling. It is a very weird movie. Suspense, fantasy, long conversations, and unexpected plot. Yet, it kept us entertained for more than 2 hrs, hoping it was going to reveal itself its meaning. But it didn’t. After the movie, we were both googling an explanation. After we understood it somewhat, husband was quite sad. He felt that no matter how much effort people put into life to be extraordinary, most of people still have a very ordinary life. My reflection was more positive. I think 99.9% if not 100% people live an ordinary life (by common definition or their own definition) and that is totally okay or great. It’s really our perception of what ordinary means. Also, the movie was a reminder that doing things because it’s social accepted way to become extraordinary instead of because we enjoy it does not guarantee the desired result. It’s always better to pursue things that we are passionate about without hoping it will be life changing at the end. Do things that give us fulfilment, joy, and challenging IN the process. If they lead us to something extraordinary, it will be a bonus. If not we wouldn’t regret the process as it was fun by itself.

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