Day 214: conversations

It was 3 hrs day work Friday. I went home at 11am and found Lizzy happily engaging with her teacher, not sure why she needs so many bowls with water

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After some errands with husband, I spent the afternoon in Sofia’s room, finishing the book while she sorts out her mess


I know this book got a lot of hype but I didn’t find it particularly good. The cover is nice though 😉


We went for a walk after dinner and they were sooooo silly. At first I was annoyed, I was tired the whole day and was hoping for some breeze during  a quiet walk. But their energy and joy was contagious, at the end, I joined them to be silly on the street. We all loved it.

Reflecting some conversations I had with myself

How I use my (new) phone.
As a tool or as something to entertain me when I’m bored?
Obviously as a tool, only when I absolutely need it.
Once that’s clear, choosing which apps to install was easy.

This person is inviting me to be discussant of her work.
Should I accept?
Is it essential that I accept? could the person find another one to discuss?
Not essential, and yes she could easily find someone else.
Will this add to me in any way? Is it worth it?
Yes, maybe a bit, to expand my area, to get exposure, to diversify. But honestly, not worth it, I’m swamped already and don’t want to add more stress.
My response to her was no thank you.

Someone is asking for a favour.
Should I help?
yes, why not.
Will it create stress to me?
Yes a bit.
Will she get offended if I say no?
Maybe but I don’t care.
My response to her was no.

With Sofia
I finished two books this week. One I gave it 2 stars and the other 3.
Oh… why not 5 stars?
Well… they didn’t live up my expectations.
Do you have a 5 star?
Yes, quite a few. I also have 6 star.
I’ll stick a paper with the rating in the back of my books. Maybe when I read it in few years, i’ll change my mind.

With Sofia
Are you excited about 2021?
Yes, I’ll turn 9 next year.
That’s exciting.
But after that, I want to stop growing. I love my childhood.

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