Day 213: random bits

this week is flying by quickly which is great, every day takes us closer to The beach day.

  • I finally got a new iPhone 11 Pro. My old camera broke, thus lack of pics of lately, because I keep dropping them on the floor. Husband always criticises me for not taking care of my devises. I wonder why I do so, maybe because I don’t have to pay for them? My company provides us a new phone every two years.
  • I finished In Five Years yesterday. It’s an entertaining book, rather short, cute twist, but like an ice cream, I enjoyed while i was at it, but know i’ll forget about it soon.
  • I am intrigued by this book that was featured in Rene Brown’s last episode. A new concept I learned: we need to separate stressors from the stress. Even if stressors are removed, we still need to deal and process stress. Huh… interesting.
  • Everyone judges! Yesterday I told the mother of Lizzy’s play friend that we are going to Boracay during the school break. She immediately responded that it might not be safe to fly. I wanted to respond: I didn’t ask your opinion nor permission, but I kept my mouth shut as I have so many thoughts about her parenting style too.
  • Lizzy is 4.5 years old and still naps almost everyday. I know I’m lucky but the best is to look at home when she sleeps with her little hand by her face, like a sleeping beauty.
  • I failed to finish work on Thursday to take Friday off, oh well… maybe I can take half day off.

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