Day 212: talk it out

Do you get the feeling of having no idea when you enter to a meeting about something, and then after an hour of talking it out with others you suddenly find great ideas? Well.. that happens to me a lot! The greatest ideas come out the least I expect, usually while unning, talking to others, or reading. I can totally see Cal’s point of letting your subconscious sort things out when you let your mind relax, as it works to connect dots/facts/ideas, and they appear when they are ready.

This just happened yesterday. I went to a meeting with my team to prepare for a talk I have to deliver next week. An event where people pays to join, and other panelists are important people, so I was kind of in a panic mode what to say. The balance of saying something interesting, factual, inspiring, and represents my organisation makes it hard. I started to throw ideas during the meeting, an hour later, we got 3 important messages to deliver. The team seems satisfied, and I felt relieved.

I came home a bit later than usual and found the girls being very creative at home, it was raining so the usual pool time was not happening. They made a obstacle course in the living room and played more than half hour. A lot of laugh, sweat, and fun moments.

Compared to their friends, they have little real toys (but tons of books) as clutters give me headache and we are very picky in buying new things. I think that only makes them more creative and resourceful.

Day 2 of reading to the husband went well. I asked him to “park” his phone outside the room and he did. I read 20 min and he listened. I am loving it. When I read out, I absorb the information more and reflect more. Husband doesn’t comment but I know he’s listening. The book is 250 pages long, I think we will probably finish it in 1 or 2 months. hahaha…. it’s more about speed but quality time. 🙂

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