Day 211: trying out

I hate unproductive meetings! I’d say I’ve managed to attend meetings that are useful 90% of time by simply skipping those that don’t matter to me. Still, there is a remaining 10% that I still need to show up. As I value my time HIGHLY, I’ve been thinking how to make those hours somewhat more productive. So yesterday I brought my pending crafting project (that I really want to finish in October) to the project spent an hour doing it while tuning in to the meeting. BEST DECISION EVER!

Oh… my new books, I started In Five Years, and so far so good.

Another new thing I started yesterday: reading TO the husband. I heard about this idea from a podcast and the women said it’s the best bounding experience EVER. The couple did for decades. I was intrigued by the idea as I love to read, I love to bound with my husband, i want to make him read (although he says he has technical/physiological difficulties to do so as his mind is so distracted by devises that one minute after he opens the book, he falls asleep), and I want him to join me to read some of the books that I absolutely love. So yesterday I proposed the idea to him. Obviously he’s not too excited about it as I expected (“what you read is too deep” his words), but I told him we will read 5-10 min only and it’s about parenting. I know… not super excited topic for a man, but I’ve listening to the audiobook and really loved it so I order the physical book to re-read it again. After dinner, Sofia was doing some piano homework so husband and I went our room, informing the girls to not interrupt her for 30 min. I read, husband listened, 5 pages, 15 min. I thought he was going to fall asleep, and was surprised to see his eyes open when I finish. Then, I asked how was it? to my surprise, he says good, but maybe you could read something in chinese, english is too hard to absorb. hahahaha…. I’d say that was a WIN. So excited to continue this tradition. 🙂 Maybe he’ll start to understand my parenting style a bit more, or at least appreciate it more.

Sofia was reading her comic book and suddenly asked me: why our family members have different last names?

I paused

“because we are special”

Sofia:” right, being different is being special“.

After we watched the short game:

Sofia: “this is really nice documentary, it is about perseverance”. “Now, I think Lizzy and I need to work on our attitudes”.

Lizzy during her tutor class she was pretending to be a girl named Sky who liked to play golf. She really got into the documentary and is looking forward to play golf with daddy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 211: trying out

  1. I tried reading to my husband, too, this summer. I highly doubt he would want to sit and listen to very many books that I normally read, either. He just doesn’t enjoy reading. It kind of annoys me, honestly. LOL! But this one book we were reading he seemed to like and I read it out loud in the car too as we traveled to Florida in August. I wish he liked reading!! I always think it would be nice to lie in bed at night, each of us reading… But that never happens. Oh well. He is just not into some of the same topics I am, and even with fiction books he just seems to find sitting and reading boring. He likes sitting and watching TV or movies though, so I don’t know.


    1. it seems we face similar problem 🙂 but sometimes when I read something so powerful i really wish i could share it with him. So we are trying.


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