October books, habits, and favourites

October was a busy month but great month! I felt like a did a lot, both in life and work. 🙂

Books read: 7

I’d rather be reading (5/5): as new avid book reader, I finished the book in one day nodding my head constantly! It spoke to me and I felt I belong to a special, lucky and privileged group. 🙂

The gift of an ordinary day (6/5): I know… how can I rate it 6 when full points is 5, because it was  SPECTACULAR! I wrote about it in the blog, and wrote down pages of passages from the book in my journal. I had constant AHA moments when reading this book.

The House in the Cerulean Sea (4/5): I heard about it in the what should I read next podcast and got intrigued. I don’t usually like fantasy movies/books but I was trying to expand my comfort zone in reading, so I ordered it. It was actually a fun read, tidbits of insights here and there in a subtle way, from the perspective of a group of special kids and an ordinary person.

Mindfulness (4/5): this is a how-to book about meditation and mindfulness. I haven’t done the meditation in the book but I enjoyed learning about it.

In Five Years (3/5): a quick and light read. The plot was interesting and not always expected. I read it in two day and had good time, but not something that makes me reflect much nor to remember for long. Felt like eating an ice cream.

The Vanishing Half (2/5): I know many people loved this book. Somehow I didn’t find it too attractive to me.

Pachinko (3/5): this is quite a long book, I finished it in Boracay between naps. It is a story about a korean family immigrated to Japan after WW2. It’s very well written and I learned a lot about life as immigrant in that period, family ties in difficult times, and I like how it talks about taboo subjects at the time.

Habits tracked

  • Steps (daily avg): 19200 (21000 Sept)
  • Screen time (daily avg): 26 min (46 Sept)
  • Work hours (daily avg): 8.4 hrs (8 Sept)
  • Miles run: 160 miles (170 Sept)
  • Yoga: 26 sessions (12 Sept)
  • Sleep (daily avg): 7.1 hrs (same Sept)
  • Mood rating: 4.25/5 (4 Sept)


  • Do more Art/Craft: did 13 days
  • Have more Friday off: did it only once
  • Family reading: work in progress

Favorite Podcast episodes

Favorite Movie/Documentary

  • Inside Bill’s Brain (netflix)
  • The short game (netflix)
  • I am thinking of ending things
  • Goop- ageing (netflix)

November started with a new haircut! 🙂

IMG 0602

IMG 0603

2 thoughts on “October books, habits, and favourites

  1. Holy cow. Some things stand out to me: so little screen time! That’s amazing. I feel like I spend more time than that just glancing at it to check the time! Lol. Also, you get a LOT of steps in everyday- and run a LOT of miles! I’ll look more closely at some of your books- I always love good recommendations. Looks like a great month for you. Great post, too! Fun to see your numbers/totals.


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