Back to “normal” life

I will stop coming days since the pandemic because my trip made a big shift to my mind about pandemic life. When I went back to office, it felt closer to normal (although no colleagues in the corridors), when kids started distance learning for the full school day, it felt sort of back to normalcy. But it was only after we went to Boracay that I felt our life is back to normal finally.

This week back to work has been a smooth transition. While it took me a while to mentally shift to work mode, I was consciously being gentle and compassionate with myself and didn’t put down too many tasks per day, so I didn’t finish the day overwhelmed and defeated because I couldn’t do much. The funniest thing was everyone in the office seems to know that I went to Boracay (the brave and risk-less person!). Some were jealous, some reached out to me to learn how I did it, others were just congratulating me for my courage.

Something funny happened. I was going out for my morning walk, and then once I went out of the building, the guard came to tell me that I forgot my mask. Well… that’s the result of going around in the hotel for 12 days without a mask. hahahah….. back to the “new normal” life with mask on ALL the time.


Saturday morning after my long walk, I made celery juice at home. It’s definitely an acquired taste, and I’ll report back what it does to me


20 min later my beloved avocado toast with all bagel seasoning!


vacation slowness continued… I am not sure what I did in the morning but before I realised it, it was lunch time. Sofia had a friend over to play so it was a big family lunch with our simple veggie centred meal. Hubby had leftover vegetable curry I made this week for our lunches. After lunch, I went to get mani/pedi (so normal life!), and then we watched a movie together. Very relaxing Saturday.

Sunday plans:

  • run solo and with Sofia biking
  • start making our Boracay video
  • start a new book
  • plan for next week meals
  • crafting a bit more (I can’t believe I still haven’t finished it yet!)

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