Friday Five

  1. I regret not having gone to the office. It was my day off but I had something urgent to do (which required others involvement so most of the time i had to wait for feedback for next step). I was not happy about having to work on my day off so I decided to stay home, work a bit, and try to still enjoy my day off. Sounds good plan but failed terribly. Why? because the background noise (frequent interruption for assistance, Lizzy’s loud voice (cute too) chatting with the teacher, just noise!). It reminded me why I was anxious during the first 100 days of lockdown. YET, it made even more grateful for having the hubby take care of them most of days while I go to office.
  2. I saw a dermatologist since forever. As part of my anti-aging journey, I saw a dermatologist to see what she recommends me for skincare. She said my skin was fine thanks to low-maintenance. She tell me don’t use too much chemicals. I left the office with a toner, a gel for acne,  a non-burning sunscreen that has anti-aging antioxidants, a toner, and a night cream. Let’s see how I like them.
  3. I finished another book on longevity. This was I’d give it one star because it’s very basic, set of recommendations without going into details of why.
  4. Late night work + snacking to fight sleepiness = recipe for bad night sleep. I ended up working until 9:30pm (had to take a 20 min nap while waiting for final step to come), snacked too much cheerios, went to bed too full, always leading to bad quality sleep. This is the third night in a row this week that I clocked in low quality 6 hrs sleep.
  5. Husband is reading babysitter club to Lizzy… sooooo cute! Both girls love the series and Sofia is constantly re-reading. As a good imitator of the sister, Lizzy “reads” them too and would point funny pictures to me. Comic books are great as Lizzy can make up story in her mind.

2 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I went to a skin place recently too (not exactly a dermatologist, but one of those med spa/ skin care places- with nurses and doctors). I got a whole regimen of (very expensive….) serums and toners and all that stuff too. I really like it so far and I like that they just prescribed it all and told me what to do. I was tired of ordering random products, not really knowing how to use them together, etc. So, for now, this is great. I think it has really helped my skin be less oily since these products are high quality. Just wish it weren’t all so expensive!!! I guess time will tell if it’s worth it.


    1. I’m conflicted between using expensive skincare vs. basics. I’ll try mixing them up. But I agree, since there are so many information out there about products, better someone we trust to tell us exactly what to do.


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