A very intimated and special date with husband

We started the day with 40 min jog with Sofia, first one in almost 3 weeks. When we stepped out, she decided she’d run 40 min today (her usual is 30 min). The last 5 min was not easy but she endured it and felt proud of herself.


Morning was slow as I haven’t sleep well for 3 nights in a row. But we had something very exciting planned for the day with husband: A COLONIC! 😆 hahaha….. that was the most intimate and bounding outing we’ve done this year. Before I get into details, let me show you how we prepared, we had a big bowl of vegetable soup 3 hrs before the procedures as suggested. I haven’t had a vegetable soup forever, and I was pleased surprised how satisfying it could be and so simple to make. The real key was to chop the vegetables very very small, although I didn’t have to do it other than instructing the helper to do.


For the kids, I made sushi. For Sofia it had tuna salad as filing together with carrot and cucumber, for Lizzy she had it with eggs and veggies.

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Now into the COLONIC.

Why we did it? Honestly, it was kind of spontaneous decision last Saturday. I’ve always been intrigued about it after reading mixed reviews and claimed benefits. Recently, I listened to a podcast and the guest was really into it. So I wanted to try once and see it for myself. I asked hubby if he wanted to do it with me. I was expecting him to say how weird I was, instead he said SURE! So I found a place and booked it for yesterday.

I won’t go into details on the procedure itself (as it could be TMI), but let me say I’m glad I tried it and I won’t do it again. Few things I’d share:

  • Hubby’s colon is cleaner than mine.
  • Daily bowel movement doesn’t mean I am not mildly constipated.
  • I didn’t feel particularly clean or energised as it claimed to be.
  • We both felt low energy afterwards.
  • It did not cause constipation the next day.
  • Hubby turned out to be more enthusiastic than me as he said he’d do it again in three months (as suggested by the person) or buy a home kit. Me instead I don’t think I’ll do it again as it didn’t feel natural to me and that I felt energy less afterward.

Yet, the biggest takeaway of the experience was BONDING with husband. We were trying something new to both of us, we had new experiences/thoughts that we could only share to each other, we talked about poop for hours. hahahah…..

Despite my lack of energy, I went out for a walk with the girls in the evening, and look Lizzy’s ballet skills! 😆

One thought on “A very intimated and special date with husband

  1. Hehehe you are brave! To do that, to talk about it so much w/ your husband AND to blog about it!! haha. Proud of you for doing a new experience and glad that you got a surprising benefit of that extra bonding with your husband. That is a subject I am personally always very squeamish/ embarrassed/ uncomfortable to talk about, so I’m very impressed with your open-mindedness! 🙂


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