Unplanned brunch & December Journal planning

It was public holidays in the Philippines on Monday which was super nice as it officially made 4th non-work day for me. YEY! I find it easier and easier restraint the urge to respond to “urgent” emails on a non-working day. I used to find it difficult to switch off on non-working days, it’s becoming second nature lately 🙂

I took the girls out for a morning exercise walk. It was quite sunny by the time we were on our way home. Both girls were a bit tired but didn’t dare to complain, just kept asking how many more minutes (Lizzy). So when we walked by a restaurant that was already opened by 7:30am, I suggested we eat breakfast here. Their eyes just lighted up, of course. It was our first time dining out in Manila since the pandemic. We felt safe as there were no other guests and we were outdoor.

The girls ordered too much food so it turned out to be brunch, extending our lazy morning with many jokes, laughs, and plans for the day. Loved it!

Sofia had banana crepes with ice cream


Lizzy had hash browns, eggs, and sausages.


After all the shower and stretching, I did my December journal cover while Daddy took the girls to supermarket. I spent almost an hour drawing, contemplating my goals and intentions for the last month of the year.

Fullsizeoutput 13718

Another smoothie made it to the day..  definitely an acquired taste.

Fullsizeoutput 13716

I started a new book in the afternoon while Sofia did lego. The set was very hard and she kept breaking it when putting small pieces on the top. She was super frustrated and shed many tears. I know nothing about lego but after seeing her suffer for a while, I suggested few tips that made sense to me. Slowly she was doing it right and each good step built her confidence, and in no time she advanced many difficult steps that frustrated her for days. The lesson that I hope she learned through the experience is that positive mindset leads to success. Lesson to me was I simply need to show compassion and be there for her. She can take care of the rest. 🙂

Loving seeing Lizzy’s face upon waking up from a nap. 🙂

APmM3GHyTgesl7AxEcYcgASunday = Lazy! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Unplanned brunch & December Journal planning

  1. There is NO WAY Lizzy ate that whole plate of food!!! Hahaha!!! That’s interesting- is that a typical breakfast/brunch in the Philippines? I guess to me that seems like a fairly standard American style breakfast with the eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, etc.

    Your journal looks so pretty. Did you draw that by hand? I just ordered the Wonderland 222 planner system that Sarah reviewed for 2021 and I’m feeling a little nervous about it…I hope I like it!! The system I’ve been using this year has worked well overall, so part of me feels like maybe I should have just continued with it but bought some nicer/ thinner paper notebooks or something. I’m probably worrying for nothing- worst case scenario, if I don’t like it, I can always switch back to what I was doing!


  2. Yes, Lizzy finished most of it, Sofia helped with one hash brown. that’s more like american breakfast I think, locally every dish should have rice.
    the girls didn’t eat until dinner. 🙂

    I draw it following a youtuber, it’s quite relaxing activity, you should try it. I’m not an artistic person at all but found drawing to be very cozy. I found I prefer non structure planner to give me space to do more journalling instead of bullet journal to track things. but you know… try the wonderland and let me know how you like it, i’m always open to try new things.


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