Daily dose of fulfilment

I had a quick chat with one of my BFFs in China and she showed me her current hobby, making bracelets, unmaking them, and make them again. She said that it brings her joy and fulfilment in a very simple way, otherwise life seems meaningless other than routines over and over again.

It made me pause. I never felt that daily routines or chores are boring or that my life is meaningless without big accomplishments. Yet, I got her point and made me think what things I do everyday, unconsciously, to get the fulfilment that makes me feel accomplished for the day.

In a separate note, I finished this book and one of the thing that stick with me is that there are two things we need to have a happy life: meaningful life and relationships. So true. I am lucky to have a meaningful job that makes me think what I do matter and I do good in the world. Yet, those feeling of fulfilment are big and don’t come in a daily basis.

I do plenty of things everyday that brings me joy, or in my friend’s word, fulfilment. Running to start my day, make yummy food for the family, and reading. All these can be done with me alone and the outcomes usually don’t depend on others, so the good feelings of doing them are GUARANTEED.

What do you do to feel good everyday? 

For example, yesterday I made a new waffle recipe, chocolate vegan waffle. Probably won’t be everyone’s favorite as it’s dense and very strong chocolaty, but I love it.

Fullsizeoutput 13c23

I made shrimp tacos for the family, the first time they had tacos and it was a big win


I assembled the first one for Sofia and she devoured it in 5 sec.

Fullsizeoutput 13c25

I spent the rest of the day mainly reading while kids played and enjoyed their weekly quota of TV time with homemade popcorns. I’m sure that counted as daily joy 🙂

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