An unusual visit

Our low key Sunday was spent half day visiting Chinese Cemetery, toured by a local friend and his family. Chinese immigrated to the Philippines in early 1910s and they’ve became successful business people in the country. Many of the current elites are chinese descended, so this cemetery is quite impressive.


It might not have been a fun outing if it was not because of our local friend, but we liked the tour and got reminded how fragile life is, especially after we saw a wall of babies most of them died on the same time as they were born. Very sad indeed.

IMG 1906

our friend has his grand parents in this place too, very impressive house costing close 1 million USD.

IMG 1907

The social divide in this country started decades ago. It makes me sad to know that for the majority of kids born here, they have no chance for success (in a conventional way) the moment they were born. The best they can aim for is to have a roof, a job to provide them for the basics, and the discontent they have to carry until death due to extreme inequality.

On our way back, Lizzy said: I don’t want to you die, ever. And when we got home, she asked me what causes a heart attack (grandma passed away due to heart attack). I was speechless. Talking about death is not easy to anyone, especially to the kids, but it’s necessary yet so hard.

The rest of the Sunday was low-key, I read a bit and then called my mom, one of my goals in 2021 is to call her every week. Her years with us will be limited, I’ll regret if I don’t enjoy them while I still can.

I also made a breakfast cookie and harvest bread, all ready for the week to start and back to routine. Hope the transition could be smooth and I can find the excitement at work ASAP (I know I will, it’s just the transition to it that I’m dragging).

Q: Are you back to work already? How was the transition from holidays to work? What made it easier?

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