Back to office

I was dragging the whole weekend on my return to life/work/office on Monday. After 3 weeks of vacation, I’m still not ready. Maybe I relaxed too much? hehehe…. anyway, life goes on and I am sure it will be fun once my mind adjusts to the new setting.

To make my transition back to work smooth, I’ve cleared out my inbox last week and had list down priority tasks for Monday. I also started using Cal Newport’s new planner for my work hours. I spent an hour or so going through tips on how to use the planner, and then planned my day in blocks of time; add new ideas/tasks as they came along in the idea page, and did the shut down routine and checked the box. So far so good, will report back after some use.

I found a goodie bag from one client and it made me crack…. chocolate with salted egg flavour? that’s a first!!! I’ve tried chocolate with chilli but salted egg brought innovation to the next level. I tried a piece and had the salted egg flavour in my mouse for quite a long time. Fortunately husband likes it so he will be enjoying the singaporean goodie.

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One thing that I’ll try to make a tradition is to have a short working hours Monday, and ideally a selfcare/fun activity after it, to make it less of a drag. Mondays have been a blur and rush to me in the past and I don’t know how it makes me feel to start the week. So I’ll try to implement one tip I got from Before Breakfast, to schedule something fun for Mondays. Yesterday I went to manicure after work and it was great! I was calm, felt like I was still on weekends, and no other customers.

We had early dinner so I could take the girls for a walk. It is nice to get out and feel the breeze of the evening to unwind and recharge for the next.

One thought on “Back to office

  1. I looked at that planner once and it looked very interesting. If I recall though, it only lasts for like one quarter of the year? I wasn’t sure if I liked that. I have just been time blocking in Google Calendar and leave it pulled up on my work computer all day long. I like it a lot and it’s easy to move the blocks around if I need to. Keep us posted on what you think of that planner though!!


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