Results of time tracking

Inspired by Laura, I tracked two weeks, one during vacation and one normal week.

During vacation week

Sleep: 62 hrs were spent in bed, usually I fall asleep within 15 min. Considering I had few nights of 9+ hrs sleep while we were on the beach trip, I’m to surprised that so much time were spent sleeping, definitely restorative.

House work is the second largest category: while I don’t do cleaning much, I spent time organising/packing, especially during the trip. At home I cooked all the meals for the family.

Exercise: 16 hrs! wooo, that’s more than two hours per day. When on vacation, I was not rushing so I really took my time to do post-run yoga, meditation, or just a bit longer walks. Again, a must for my physical and wellbeing. Note that it also concluded golf time with Sofia, which could be counted time spent with the kids too.

Reading is next, 15 hrs reading, averaging more than 2 hrs per day, at least half of them spent with the kids at night when we read together.

Time spent with kids come next, 13 hrs, those are time spent with them, either playing, be at the beach, walk with them, meal time with them, if counting time that overlap my other activities, then it would be a bit more.

Rest of the time were spent in solo time (usually mornings), eating alone, play (TV time alone or with husband), relax (not focusing anything in particular like browsing internet or in between activities), worked a bit, 2 hrs alone time with husband and 1 hour calling my mom.

Normal work week

Sleep: a bit less than vacation time, averaging 7 hrs per night. My ideal would be 7.5-8 hrs but first week back from vacation and back to work affected my sleep. 

Work took the second largest category, no surprise, but I worked less than 8 hrs per day which meant I was efficient and had long hours of deep work. 

Reading still averaged more than 2 hrs as i spent longer time in reading during weekend, and 1-2 hrs at night with the girls during weekday. That’s my favorite way to relax. 

Exercise: 11 hrs between running/walking, yoga and pilates. 1.5 hrs per day which is optimal for me. 

Solo time in the mornings came out next as I’ve been getting up 4 to 430 am most of the days and waited until 6 to 620 to exercise so I could prepare breakfast for the girls as they get up. 

Kids time was less than 1.5 hrs per day, golfing with Sofia, doing workbook with Lizzy, taking walks with both of them. 

Housework declined during my work week as I delegated cooking to the helper almost completely, such a relief!

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Overall, I am happy how I spend my time. If I want to improve, I’d spend more time with the kids and husband alone. I noticed that husband is usually the residual (sorry!), if I have little time or energy after work, I’d rather spend it with the kids, and once they are in bed, I crush to bed too so not really time to catch up with husband. Only weekend is possible. So there’s definitely room for improvement. 

One thought on “Results of time tracking

  1. I always like your recap posts. So interesting so how other people’s totals add up. Looks like you are spending a majority of time on things that matter to you so that’s awesome. Maybe you can try “scheduling” time in with your husband on some days or something? What about walking with him in the mornings some days? My husband and I did that last summer everyday for weeks and it was really super nice!! I know it can be a category that is easy to overlook while busy raising kids, but it’s so important too! 🙂


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