Lizzy piano, Sofia ear pain

It was a busy work so I failed to blog everyday although I intended to. I’ve been sleeping half hour more each day so morning solo time got shorter. I tried to write the post once I get to the office, but then when i started working, there was just too much to do so here I am, recapping big events this week.

First and most importantly: Lizzy started piano lessons!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sofia started piano at her age, just few months from turning 5. I thought Lizzy is not ready for it as we tried once via zoom with Sofia’s teacher and she did nothing and cried most of the 30 min. So I decided to postpone it until she turns 5 to not make her hate piano early on. Then I found a teacher who comes to teach in person, experienced with kids, so I decided to give it a try without too much hope. I told the teacher that Lizzy might not collaborate as she’s shy and when she refuses to do something, nobody can make her.

Wednesday 4:45pm was her first lesson. I came home and found her napping on the coach. She said she was waiting for the teacher and fell asleep. Okay, maybe she’s interested. The teacher came and Lizzy pressed my hands harder.  The teacher, she’s probably in her 50s, looks like a patient and kind person.

During the first 5 min, Lizzy still had my hand and cried. I encouraged her to try to do what the teacher was asking and threatened to leave her alone for the class (yes, i did both at the same time!). Slowly, while still crying, she did what teacher asked, and perfectly! For each completion of the exercise, teacher let her choose her prize (a sticker), this trick really works for small kids. For the last 10 min of the 30 min class, she did all what teacher asked, not crying anymore but not enthusiastic either. We finished the class with stickers all over me. I got the feeling that the class went better than I had expected.

When teacher left, I asked Lizzy if she liked the teacher, it was a firm YES! Her next question surprised me, she asked me when will be her next class! OMG! She really likes it. Not only that, she wanted to “practice” after dinner. In fact, we practiced everyday since the class, going through “her homework”. I’m truly surprised by her enthusiasm.


Sofia had been having ear pain this week, to the extend that it bothered her while eating as it’s painful to open her mouse big. Her overall energy level was also low due to the constant pain. We went to the ENT doctor and got her checked. Ear infection caused by sinus congestion (possibly due to allergy). We got drops, allergy medicine and nasal spray. She’s on day 2 of treatment, and she’s getting better already.


This week I’ve spent 40 min each day with husband watching a TV series. It was suggested by husband. Although I’m not enthusiastic about the series, I’d rather be reading, I agreed to spend sometime with him. It’s not easy to find a daily activity to do with the husband at home, so this would do. This mean reading time with the girls got shorter but we made it quality read. 🙂


Weekend plan:

  • yearly check up for me and husband
  • family golf outing
  • make new recipes
  • catch up on my reading.

One thought on “Lizzy piano, Sofia ear pain

  1. That’s so great about Lizzy and the piano! My boys both started right at age 4/5 as well. I WISH my boys were more enthusiastic about it. They don’t complain too much, but they don’t seem to love it, either. Which I find sad, because I have also played the piano since I was 4 and LOVE it. When I was a young girl, probably around 8-12 years old, I used to sit and play just for fun all the time. I still love to play. My boys play because it’s “time to practice” and then that’s it. 😦 They have both complained before “why do we have to take lessons” and they seem to see it as something that just takes up their free time (to practice). But I really don’t want them to quit and hope that maybe as they get older they will start appreciating it more… ?? They are good at it, too!!


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