Yearly check-up

Husband and I went for our yearly checkup. We spent 4 hrs doing all kind of tests! I’m so grateful for the 5 star hotel like facility, super kind nurses, and efficient process. I don’t think I waited between tests more than 5 min. As I turned 40, I had my first mammogram, and I’ve ordered additional blood test to get my InnerAge calculated finally!
While I think I’m healthier than many other 40 years old given my life style, I still got nervous as I go through the tests. What if they find something odd, unexpected. It reminded me not to take anything for granted, you never know. Mid-way of our tests, we were served with breakfast. Before the pandemic, it’s usually a buffet style, now it’s served. Not bad, I had the porridge and the bun, the husband finished everything else.

I was busy baking in the afternoon. Made two loaves of bread, dinner rolls as I bought it last week and the girls love them so I figured I’d better make them (the store bought bread ingredient list is way too long). Sofia did her weekly baking too, this time a healthy blueberries scone.
Our movie night was “The biggest little farm“. What a lovely documentary for the girls and my husband who all adore animals and nature. There was a moment when they weighted the 300lb. pig for sell. The girls asked why do they have to sell it? I said, because people wants to eat meat! Immediately both girls say, I’m not going to eat meat. Lizzy even declared she won’t eat fish anymore. Then Sofia asked her: what about chicken?
PAUSE!!! I looked at her, she can’t make up her mind. Few seconds later, she said: I will only eat chicken. We all laughed!!!!!!!! I wish I could have captured her picture at that moment, so funny!

I loved our day! I’m super excited and eager to see the results of my tests. Finger crossed.

2 thoughts on “Yearly check-up

  1. I’m sure your results will be great. You seem VERY healthy!! I’m always so impressed with how incredibly healthy your diet seems to be. I wish I had no desire to eat unhealthy foods…. ha. But I know what you mean- you never know for sure. life is strange like that. That sounds like a great documentary. I’ll check that out!


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