Family centred Sunday + surprising test results

Difference between Sunday in China vs Sunday in the Philippines. In China, our friends have very busy Sundays. Their Sundays are filled with outing with the kids to extra curriculum classes, eating at “fancy” restaurants as treat, and hours spent in traffic. That’s a culture that I’m too familiar with but can’t imagine living it. Instead, ours in Manila (or even when we were living in DC) are simple, filled with family activities, starting with a jogging and biking with Sofia, that we had to cut it short as it was so humid, followed by piano practice for Sofia while mommy did workbook with Lizzy. Then we all went to golf class for Sofia while mommy and daddy practiced. I’m getting to like it, slowly but steadily.


once home, late lunch. I was craving panfried kimchi dumplings so i made those for me, and shrimp dim sum for Lizzy, corn soup with quesadilla for Sofia. Husband had mainly vegetables.


after lunch, Sofia and Lizzy did dishes. We are getting back to Sunday clean-dishes for the girls, and allowances for them too. Sofia is at the end of learning some basic finances. Then we played card for a while before girls had quiet time, and I spent 2 hours with husband watching the chinese TV series.

I got most of my test results. Overall, everything is fine. Both husband and I need to have a follow up eye exam as we both had slightly elevated eye pressure. The 2D and 3D breast ultrasound found few small nodules that were not present last year. They are in a category that is no concern and could be related to the hormonal cycle (i’m close to period), but will discuss it with the doctor to confirm.

What surprised me was my blood sugar level. I’m still within the normal range for conventional blood tests range, but when I entered my results to inside tracker, those were above my optimal range and added 2.5 years to my biological age, which I found it surprising as I don’t normally eat high sugar food, so something to investigate a bit more. Also, some of my liver enzymes are above optimal range, so that’s something to learn a bit more about. My cholesterol profile came out flying, no surprise here, so overall I’m happy with the results, but have area for improvement.

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