Beautiful love

I’m so glad this week is over. It has been a hard week, working from home, even with good attitude is hard when I was trying to do things but getting interrupted often. I am proud of myself for not raising my voice this week no matter how annoyed I was, especially when I just thought I had a great idea and was interrupted. Kids are not to blame that we need to work/study in this condition, they also prefer going to school and show their progress and findings to their teachers and friends, but given how COVID is evolving, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. The original survival mode has officially turned into the new normal. We all need to play a role into this to make it as enjoyable as possible, and be grateful for what we do get to do together under current circumstances like having lunch time together in a week day, taking short naps when we feel like, and catching highlights of their days.

Parent love to child is really the most beautiful and pure love of all kinds. We had an informal meeting with colleagues from work, sharing our frustration and struggles with the new normal. Some of them had kids that got mental illness. Can you imagine a kid to be depressed? I can’t even think about it. My colleagues made decisions that made their life more difficult, suffered professionally, even living separately from their family, all for the wellbeing of their children. I found that so beautiful, and I like them a lot more now that I got to know that part of themselves. Not everyone is willing to give up their career progression for the family, so for those that do, I like them even more because I know how hard such a decision is from where they already are.

Going through one’s life cycle, I’ve had my fair share of heart breaks, passionate loves, but nothing compares to the parent love. Pure, truly unconditional, and forever. The best of all, when they are kids, they return to you equally.

I plan to have another chill weekend that involves cooking something special (steam dumpling today!), watch a movie, and do some reading. Working from home made my working hours longer than usual and less time to read at night as we took daily walks after dinner. I’d probably plan for next month, February has two special dates, Chinese lunar new year and valentines! Exciting!

One thought on “Beautiful love

  1. I’ve had that thought too… about the original survival mode becoming the new normal. It is sad and complicated. I hope you have a relaxing weekend. It does feel like you had an emotional week. But that’s ok- seems like you learned some things and reflected a lot too. 🙂


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