Weekend fun: dumpling making and movie

On Saturday I had the idea of making dumpling spontaneously. After jogging with Sofia, I took Lizzy for a walk to buy the wraps. i really love taking one to one walks with the girls, they talk more and it feels like a date. Then around 11am, husband and I sit on the table and started making the dumplings. I made a vegetarian filling.

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It was a fun activity to do with husband as we chatted about various topics (vaccine, finance, plan for investment, etc.) while making them. I should definitely think about more activities like this to spend more quality time with husband. Girls had a playdate so they were busy in their room with friends.


I pan-friend some and steamed sun. They were okay, not as good as I expected, but glad to have made them with husband.


girls had pizza. Whenever we have some kids over, I make pizza 90% of the time, easy and always crowd pleasing.

in the PM husband and I went out to meet someone (work related). We chatted for 2 hours, quite interesting conversation. The guy also works with the local government and is quite frustrated how the government is run (corruption, slow, internal politics). I thought it was interesting because while these are true, they are not result of the quality/character of people in the government, but the design or the institutions of this government providing the incentives for people to act that way. His view was too simplistic for me but I didn’t enter a debate with him, but rather just followed along the conversation. When I got home, I had a bit of headache so didn’t do much. Finished a book while girls played by my side.


Sunday started with 10 miles run for me (3 with Sofia). I had been sleeping well consistently this week which made me so much more energetic. We are doing a half marathon run with the running group on Valentines day so I wanted to “semi-train” a bit. Then chatted with mom for an hour or so before we went to golf. The golf balls catching cars were broken, so all the staff were picking the balls for 15 min, the view reminded me of easter egg hunting for the kids.


I must say, i’m liking golf more each time. Although on Friday I played poorly as I got my golf club set, I got much better playing it second time. Golf teaches me to be patient, mindful, and focused. I might never play as well as husband but I am now confident that I’ll get better.

After lunch, I went to spa for a massage, glorious, and then bought a new pair of runner sneaker. Girls were swimming when I got back so I did a bit of next month planning in my journal.

Dinner was a snack bar while we watched Penguin Bloom. It’s about a family whose mom got an accident, how she and her family evolved over time and found new way to love their lives.

At one time, Sofia said: we need to make the best of what we have.

While we were watching the movie, Lizzy came to hug me few times and said I don’t want that to happen to you.

I know this kind of movie is a bit heavy for the kids. yet they are in the age of understanding more and I think it’s good to introduce them gradually some heavy topics. that’s part of growing up, not all pink and  sunny. Life is unpredictable in so many ways, they need to learn to be resilient and optimistic even at adverse circumstances.

This week I plan to go to work in the office for 4-6 hrs max, mainly for focus work, to relieve husband from dealing with the chaos for too long. Last week WFH made me realise I can work at home for meetings, emails, light thinking, and girls are happy when i am home.

One thought on “Weekend fun: dumpling making and movie

  1. I always think cooking an elaborate meal with my husband sounds nice too. We don’t do that very often at all either. I feel like it may be something we will do more as the kids get older and are eventually out of the house… when we aren’t as busy and could cook a leisurely meal just for the two of us. But since you were looking for ways to carve out more time with your husband, that sounds like a great option. 🙂


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