Joy of sharing

It was a sunny and hot day in Manila. When we arrived at golf course, I was already sweating. The practice range was packed, just like other Sundays. Yet, I liked the vibe of the place, I love people’s dedication in mastering something they are passionate about, whatever that is. I listened to Tim Ferriss show with Tony Robinson. He described mastery a 3 stage process. 1. Understand the mechanic of it. 2. Convince oneself emotionally why I want to get better at something. 3. Learn the physical habit of it. It made perfect sense and explained why I read 7 books about sleep training after Sofia was born. It was not because I need to read 7 books to convince myself logically that it was the right method, but I needed to convince myself emotionally that I wanted to do it. Then I just did it over and over again until it became natural, until I wasn’t getting stressed when I heard minor crying.  After listening the episode, I realise I apply this method to most of things I do, which explains why it takes me long to convince to do it, but once I’m convinced it comes effortlessly to stick to it.

With golf, I’m still in the second stage, hopefully I move to the third one soon. When husband gives me tips on moving my hips move, I responded him laughingly that please send a memo to my hips because its communication channel seems blocked for the moment. He’s getting better at giving feedback without criticising, and I’m getting better to appreciate his feedback and suggestion. Sofia is playing better than me already. Her movements look natural and she can hit straight. Mine looks awkward and I’m 99% deviated to the right 30 degrees.

While we were playing, Lizzy was patiently waiting. I had brought two lollipops, aiming to reward/entertain her. When I offered her, to my surprise, she declined. She said: I want to wait to Sofia to eat it together. 😆 That was unexpected. First, she enjoys more with someone else, as if the joy of eating it with Sofia is more than eating alone. Second, she chooses to delay gratification. Wooo!!! I was very pleased.

When we got home, food was ready! I felt so privileged to have helper at home that learned how to cook. We enjoyed lunch and then played cards. Some quiet time before I went for my weekly massage, another privilege to have.

When I got home, past 5pm, we went out for a walk. Then quick dinner before girls watched 3 episodes of modern family while I read.

This week has two holidays: Chinese new year and valentines! Excited for something fun!

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