Meal delivery week

What do you do when you are bored of your own food? Well… you try meal delivery to be surprised!

I’ve been feeing bored with my food lately, months long. I still look forward to my breakfast, beloved oatmeal, everyday, but not much the rest. I make elaborate meals for the family and they enjoy them. But I’m too lazy to make elaborate vegan meals for myself.

There are many meal delivery  companies in the Philippines, but very few that are vegan, so when I found out about Vkitchen, I was excited to try. Weekly package includes meal delivery the night before of breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, monday to friday. It costs around 75 dollars, which is not cheap for Philippines standards, and almost double the price of non-vegan meals.

Yesterday meal started with a non-flour pancake, made with oats topped with fruit compotes. it was quite thick and filing to my surprise.

Fullsizeoutput 13e06

lunch was an onion soup that I found too salty, and a banana blossom nugget with tomato sauce paired with brown rice. Very tasty!

Dinner with puttanesca pasta which was okay.

Fullsizeoutput 13e09

Overall, I was happy with my first day of meal delivery this week. The quantity was not enough though, in addition to these meals, I had corn, pistachio, some vegetable of family’s dinner, and some oatmeal after dinner. I was extra hungry because I had a good run in the morning, maybe for non-workout day the food would be enough. Now i’m excited for the rest of the week!

Work went well, I like almost no meeting mondays so i can plan my week properly, not feeling rushes, and had time to read some new materials. We finished the day by a walk with hubby as the girls didn’t feel like it.

Oh… happy women’s day, which we didn’t celebrate it. I asked hubby if how he plans to celebrate it with me, his response was: you are not a woman, you are a little lady. 😆 oh well…. couldn’t get mad at him after all.

One thought on “Meal delivery week

  1. Interesting! I have never tried a meal service and I personally don’t think I ever will… I’m kind of picky and like to eat whatever I am in the mood for in the moment. I can see how the deliveries could be convenient though. I also would have no interest in spending money on that! If I am going to spend money on food besides regular groceries, I’d rather just go out to a Restaurant haha! But I hope it helps get you out of your rut and maybe it will be a fun way to try some new meal ideas!


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