Soccer and zoo fun

It had a really fun weekend to reward us after a hard working week. Saturday started with a long run as I knew I wouldn’t run on Sunday. I felt strong and did 9 miles. Then I took a long bath drafting a work email. I know…. but let me tell you. My most insightful thoughts surface during my runs usually. The motion helps me to synthesise months of work in few minutes so I had to write it down before i forget.

Then I did some errands, bought new sport attires for the girls, lunch and went for a soccer practice for Sofia and her friends. This was a last minute free class offering the coach told us the night before and we jumped into the opportunity. This time the place is outdoor, a private soccer field for kids. They had fun but we like the indoor one better. Manila weather is really not good for outdoor soccer.


Sunday was our trip to Avilon Zoo. Almost 4 years living here and we never heard of it. When the mom of Lizzy’s best friend asked me if we want to join them, of course we did. We left the house around 7am and got there 8:15, just few minutes after they opened which is what was advised as this place is quite popular. While we wait for Lizzy’s friend, we explored a bit

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the place is quite nice, a lot of greens, and 70 stations to watch for animals.


Lizzy united with her friends and they went to explore hand to hand


there were many places to feed animals, like this one with giraffe




bearcat on the wild


although we’ve said 3 years ago not to visit another zoo because it’s so cruel to the animals, i can’t deny that girls love animals, whether on the wild or caged, so I guess I need to be a bit flexible. Let them visit but still remind them this is not their natural habitat and quite inhuman to do that.

We snacked packed fruits and drove back home. both girls napped on the ride home and spent the afternoon napping and resting as well. Being outdoor under the sun for hours really exhausted us.

I read for 3 hrs in the afternoon while all the family was resting, pure relaxation! Recharged to start another work week.

One thought on “Soccer and zoo fun

  1. That looks like so much fun!!! We thought about going to our small local zoo too this weekend but didn’t end up going… maybe soon. It’s more fun to go when it’s actually summer here. 🙂 That looks Like a great place! And I agree- soccer and heat/humidity is not very fun…


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