Dinner choice and trips

This week has been rather busy with meetings running until 6pm twice a week. For two consecutive days I had 4 meetings per day which left me exhausted. I could chose to service frozen dumplings for the family, or I could choose to make something yummy, innovative and fun, which also brings me joy. I chose the later and everyone was happy.

I made this gorilla with egg that turned out to be great, a fusion of pizza, chinese pancakes, and super quick. A keeper for a quick meal.

It’s march 6 and we haven’t taken monthly pics for the girls. Every morning feels rushing as Sofia tries to squeeze piano practice before school starts at 8. I was rushing to get ready to office before my first meeting starts at 8 too. But we’ll make sure to take it this weekend.

Between meetings when I feel I’m getting exhausted, I booked another beach trip for us in May. It’s an island called Bohol, our first beach trip after we arrived the Philippines, 4 years ago, so I thought it would be good to re-visit as we are running out of good island to visit. I need an escape every 1-2 months. Pre-pandemic, between work and leisure trips, I had one trip every month if not more. Last year, I was firmed to endure the pandemic and survive with the basic. One year later, pandemic fatigue is hitting me and the urge to get back to “normal” life is strong. The part that is still missing from our life other than school is work trips. Those trips are not relaxing per se, but they were mental escape for me to do whatever and whenever, and didn’t need to be planning my days around the family. I guess that’s what a normal family life is about. But because I had the privilege to have work trips frequently, that was part of my normal life, being able to be just by myself for few days. Unfortunately work trips are not coming back anytime soon, so will have to find more family trips and be content with few hours of me time.

Weekend plan:

  • long run. heading out after I finish writing this post.
  • soccer for Sofia and her friends
  • Zoo visit on Sunday

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